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We are interested in using the Gateway cloning system from Invitrogen
( There are currently no plant vectors
available. I am interested in contacting people who already use the
gateway system in plants or who would be interested in developing a
variety of destination vectors to share the work load and the cost of
production. Vectors that would be useful have already been outlined by
Dr. Anthony Hall, at Warwick University in a previous Newgroup notice:-

1. 35S promoter with insertion site. and nos or other
similar termination site.
2. Inducible promoter systems ie TET, alcohol, heatshock etc.
3. Vectors for making GFP, CFP and YFP fusions.
4. Vectors for coupling luciferase, GFP or GUS expression to
inserted promoters.

Such a set of vectors would be very useful and clearly speed up the
process of subcloning genes. Please contact me if you have such
contructs or would like to help construct a collection of such


Dr. Mark Curtis,
Institute of Plant Biology,
University of Z=B8rich,
8008 Z=B8rich,

Tel: 0041 1 63 48241
email: mcurtis at



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