T-DNA insertion collection available

allen.sessions at syngenta.com allen.sessions at syngenta.com
Mon Sep 17 13:22:42 EST 2001

To support the community's understanding of gene function in Arabidopsis,
the Syngenta Arabidopsis Consortium has created a T-DNA insertion
collection consisting of approximately 100,000 plants in the Columbia
ecotype.  Left border flanking regions from each plant were amplified
using TAIL PCR, sequenced, and assembled into a database.  The
database is formatted to search for insertions in genes of interest
by BLAST and the results point researchers to individual seed vials.
To search the database for T-DNA insertions in genes of interest, please
visit WWW.TMRI.ORG to obtain instructions and forms.  Requests for
seeds from this collection are available through a TMRI collaboration
or material transfer agreement.


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