Arabidopsis tansformation vectors

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Fri Feb 1 07:34:55 EST 2002

Hello Arabidopsis community,
I am begining to make some transgenic plants and I need some good vectors.
I am looking for a (or several) transformation vector/s  for Arabidopsis.
I need a selection of Agrobacterium tDNA vectors to use for various
constructs and tests of our genes
I am interested in different vectors,   with  inducible  or constitutive
promoters (like 35S=85).
It should have kanamycin and hygromycin selectable markers.
What tDNA vectors are available to share or to purchase? Please email
directly to me if you have anything that I could use, or know where I can
purchase such a vector/s.
I will be very gratefull for your help.
I am from Argentine, and may be you know the difficult situation for the
science here=85

Biol. Georgina Fabro
Email: gfabro at

Biol. Georgina Fabro
Departamento de Qu=EDmica Biol=F3gica
=46acultad de Ciencias Qu=EDmicas
Universidad Nacional de C=F3rdoba
C=F3rdoba- Argentina
TE 0351-4334168 int 18
=46ax 0351- 4334074


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