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Mon Feb 4 07:53:59 EST 2002

PHD Fellowship- Plant Molecular Physiology

INRA Versailles (France) - Laboratory of Plant Nitrogen Nutrition

A PhD fellowship is available in the Laboratory of Plant Nitrogen 
Nutrition, in the research group studying the regulation of plant 
nitrogen metabolism in response to environmental cues.

The project will focus on the study of nitrate signalling in 
Arabidopsis. One part of the project involves the characterization of 
Arabidopsis mutants potentially affected in the expression of the 
nitrite reductase NII gene. These mutants were isolated using a 
NII::LUC fusion by screening for altered reporter gene activity. 
Characterization of mutants will include analyses of N-related gene 
expression, of complementation groups and mapping, as well as 
physiological studies of the development of the confirmed mutants 
under controlled nitrogen nutrition. In a second part of the project, 
the PhD fellow will analyse nitrate signal in Arabidopsis germination 
by studying the germination capacity on different nitrogen sources as 
well as the metabolite content of seeds (from different genotypes and 
accesssions) produced under controlled conditions. This project will 
involve collaboration with the MPI of Plant Molecular Physiology 
(Golm, Germany).

Applicants for this fellowship should have a masters in 
physiology/molecular biology and experience with plants. The duration 
of the fellowship is 3 years and is restricted to European, non 
french applicants. The fellowship is provided through a EU research 
training network which will offer training courses as well as 
multiple short stays in collaborating laboratories to the PhD fellow.

Interested applicants should send a curriculum vitae, list of 
publications, brief statement of experience, skills and 
qualifications and the names of two referees to Christian Meyer, 
preferably by email.: 
<mailto:meyer at>meyer at

Additional information on our department research activities and on 
the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique is available via 
the web site <>

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