TAC transformation

Li Kang LKANG at plantpath.ksu.edu
Tue Feb 12 12:03:41 EST 2002

Hi, everyone,
I've been doing transformation with TAC clones. The vector is pYLTAC7. I
used 15mg/ml hygro (HYGROMYCIN B, SIGMA) as selection, which is
listed on the original paper (Liu et al. PNAS 1999). My seeds geminated
very poor on this concentration (only a few brow seedlings per thousand
seeds). Is this normal phenotype? Could someone give me information
about the selection concentration and phenotype of resistant plant?
Thanks a lot,
Li Kang
{HYPERLINK "mailto:lkang at plantpath.ksu.edu"}lkang at plantpath.ksu.edu
Dept. of Plantpath.
Kansas State University


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