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Zhiyong Wang zywang at andrew2.stanford.edu
Thu Jun 13 13:46:59 EST 2002

Two positions for postdoctoral associates and a position for lab 
technician are available in the Department of Plant Biology, Carnegie 
Institution of Washington at Stanford.

Our research focuses on brassinosteroid (BR) signal transduction, 
which involves a cell-surface receptor kinase (Wang et al., Nature 
410, 380-382, 2001), the GSK3-like kinase BIN2 (Li and Nam, Science 
295, 1299, 2002), and the nuclear proteins BZR1 and BZR2 (Wang et 
al., Dev. Cell 2, 505, 2002; He et al., PNAS, in press 2002). 
Research activities of the group include molecular genetics, 
biochemistry, cell biology and proteomics. Research projects for 
these positions include study of signal transduction events using 2-D 
PAGE and mass-spectrometry, studies of the functions of BZR1 and its 
homologs using molecular, genetic, biochemical and cell biological 
tools, and study of the BR signaling pathways using genetic 
approaches. To learn more about the lab and the Carnegie Institution, 
please visit our web page (http://www-ciwdpb.Stanford.EDU).

Previous experience in molecular genetics, protein biochemistry, or 
2-D PAGE or proteomics is preferred. The postdoctoral positions 
require a Ph. D degree in molecular biology or biochemistry, and the 
lab technician position requires a B.S or M.S degree and previous lab 
research experience. To apply, please send curriculum vitae, and 
names and email addresses of three references to: Dr. Zhiyong Wang, 
Department of Plant Biology, Carnegie Institution, 260 Panama Street, 
Stanford, CA 94305. Email: zywang at andrew2.stanford.edu. Phone: 
650-325-1521 ext 205; Fax: 650-325-6857.

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