FASEB Plant Development Meeting

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Fri Jun 14 15:08:27 EST 2002

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The 2002 FASEB conference on Mechanisms in Plant Development will be
held August 10-14 in Saxtons River, Vermont. This conference will focus
on our current knowledge of plant developmental biology and will
highlight recent advances in development patterning, developmental
transitions, signal transduction, and the impact of genome sequences and
genomics on our understanding of underlying developmental mechanisms.
In addition, the intersection of development and evolution will be

=46ASEB meetings, because of their limited size, are excellent
opportunities for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and senior
scientists to interact with each other and with the impressive array of
speakers representing the cutting edge of plant developmental research.
We are currently seeking financial support to assist students in their
travel expenses to the meeting.

Information of the conference schedule including a list of speakers can
be found at:

Registration information and online application can be found at:

Jane Langdale
University  of Oxford
Oxford, UK
jane.langdale at plant-sciences.oxford.ac.uk

Steven Clark
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
clarks at umich.edu



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