TAIR back in service and news stuff at TAIR

Sue Rhee rhee at acoma.Stanford.EDU
Wed May 8 18:23:53 EST 2002

Dear Arabidopsis researchers,

TAIR has been back online since 2 AM PST this morning (5/8).

There are a few new items at TAIR:

Includes a cool summary graphic of HSPs.

2. New datasets for BLAST, FASTA, and PatternMatching.
New datasets added recently include:

	o T-DNA and transposon insertion flanking sequences
	o 3000 bp upstream and downstream of loci
	o 1000 bp upstream and downstream of loci

(500 bp upstream/downstream, intergenic, and intron sequence databases are
also available for downloading now and will be available for the sequence
analysis programs soon)

These datasets are available for the sequence analysis programs at:

and for downloading from the ftp site:

3. New bulk query and retrival available for Protein characteristics,
Sequences, and Gene Ontology functional annotations at:


4. Stock order history searching at:


(You can also view your own order history and order history of stocks you
donated by loggin on)

5. Approximately 95 Mb of Landsberg erecta single-pass sequences at:


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