Sequences from ecotypes other than Col and Ler

Suresh Gopalan gopalans at
Tue May 21 16:03:52 EST 2002

Dear ArabiNetters

I am trying to identify broad generalizations in the pattern and 
location of occurrences of SNPs across ecotypes, based on extensive 
empirical analysis of the existing body of SNPs/INDELs. 

Many of you can help this endeavor by sharing the small pieces of 
sequences you would have gathered from your favorite ecotypes (other 
than Col and Ler), that encompass polymorphism to other ecotypes  It 
will be nice if you also enclose your original sequence chromatogram 
if you still have it available.  I will use the information for the 
above purpose and assemble the sequence information you people share 
and submit it to TAIR as a repository, so it will be available to the 
whole community.

I will also make available the result of the analysis to the community.

Thanks for all the sequences in advance.



Suresh Gopalan

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