Post-Doc Opening in Phloem Physiology and Biochem

Brian Ayre bgayre at
Mon Jul 5 08:51:32 EST 2004

Postdoctoral Position Open in Molecular Plant Physiology
University of North Texas, Denton, TX.

A position for a postdoctoral fellow is available to study classical 
questions in the physiology of phloem transport from modern, 
molecular perspectives.  The aim is to investigate the transport 
mechanisms and efficiencies of various sugars through the phloem, 
with emphasis on carbon partitioning to temporary and long-term 
storage reserves.  Tissue-specific metabolic engineering will be used 
to manipulate (A) the nature of the transport sugar (i.e., mono-, 
di-, or oligosaccharide) and (B) the relative source and sink 
strengths of different tissues and organs.  Increased yield through 
favorable carbon partitioning is an applied goal.  The project is 
generously funded through a National Science Foundation grant awarded 
to Dr. Brian Ayre at the University of North Texas (IBN-0344088). 
The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for 
molecular biology, bright-field and fluorescence microscopy, ion 
chromatography for sugar analysis, and ample plant-growth facilities. 
The successful candidate will be ambitious, have a PhD with 
experience in molecular biology, a willingness to work with junior 
colleagues, and career aspirations in the plant sciences.  A 
background in plant physiology or plant biotechnology is highly 
desirable, as is experience in cotton or rice transformation.  Salary 
will be commensurate with experience.  The University of North Texas 
has 31,000 students, and is located in Denton, a liberal town roughly 
30 minutes from the amenities of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 
For more information and to express interest, please contact Dr. 
Brian Ayre directly, bgayre at, 940-565-2975.  Formal 
application should be made through The Employment Office, Human 
Resources Department, PO Box 311010, Denton, TX 76203-1010, 
Facsimile: (940) 369-7137, E-mail: employment at  The 
successful applicant will be hired on merit, EEO/AAE.

Pertinent Publications by the Principle Investigator:

Ayre BG, and Turgeon R (2004) Graft transmission of a floral 
stimulant derived from CONSTANS. Plant Physiol; In Press.
Ayre BG, and Turgeon R (2004) Regulation of long-distance solute 
movement in the phloem by selective loss and retrieval.  In NM. 
Holbrook, and MA. Zwieniecki, eds, Environmental and Physiological 
Integration of Long-Distance Transport Processes in Plants. Invited 
book chapter, In Press.
Ayre BG, J Blair, and Turgeon R (2003) Functional and phylogenetic 
analysis of a conserved regulatory program in phloem of minor veins. 
Plant Physiol; 133:1229-1239.
Ayre BG, F Keller, and Turgeon R (2003)  Symplastic continuity 
between companion cells and the translocation stream: long-distance 
transport is controlled by retention and retrieval mechanisms in the 
phloem. Plant Physiol; 131: 1518-1528.
Heritatos E, Ayre BG, and Turgeon R (2000) Identification of phloem 
involved in assimilate loading in leaves by expression from a 
galactinol synthase promoter. Plant Physiology; 123: 929-938.

Brian G Ayre
University of North Texas
Department of Biological Sciences
P.O. Box 305220
Denton, TX 76203 5220

Office: 129 Science Research Building
Lab: 150 Science Research Building
Office: 940 565 2975
Lab: 940 891 6728
Facsimile: 940 565 4136


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