Postdoctoral position available

Rebecca Lamb lamb.129 at
Tue Mar 9 15:28:10 EST 2004

The Lamb laboratory is currently searching for a postdoctoral
researcher to join the laboratory. Position to start 7/15/04 and
continue for two years. Could be extended dependent on  funding.
Conducts research in the field of flower development, specifically gene
regulation during flower development in Arabidopsis:
A) Biochemical characterization and analysis of post-translational
modifications of the LEAFY transcription factor
B) Generation and analysis of anti-LEAFY antibody
C) Biochemical isolation of LEAFY transcriptional complex
Planned research will be conducted using the tools of modern molecular
biology and biochemistry including but not limited to:
1) Immunopurification of proteins
2) Western blot analysis of proteins
3) Generation of transgenic plant lines
Doctoral degree in plant biology/biochemistry or related degree;
laboratory experience in biochemistry, plant molecular biology
Please send CV and names of three references to (electronic submission
Rebecca Lamb
Assistant Professor
Plant Biology
Ohio State University
500 Aronoff Laboratory
318 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
lamb.129 at


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