SSLP marker M558A.1

Gill Dean gilldean at
Tue Mar 16 17:15:10 EST 2004

Hi everyone,

I was interested in using marker M558A.1 as a SSLP between Ler and 
Col ecotypes. I notice on the information for this marker at TAIR 
has no size given for the Ler product (although there is for Col). 
Does this mean that there is no band produced on amplification of Ler 
DNA, or that this information is simply missing from the database? I 
tried to check using the Ler Cereon/Monsanto database but the Ler 
sequence starts in the middle of the amplified Col fragment (ie the 
database is not complete at this place in the genome, or the sequence 
does not exist in its entirety in Ler).

If anyone else has used this marker with Col and Ler I would be 
interested to know your results!



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