Minimal 35S. How to?

Nobody nobody at
Tue Mar 30 05:28:04 EST 2004

Dear colleagues!

I am wondering how to extract/amplify -31 +5 part of the 35S promoter? I
would like to use this part to enhance my promoter of interest for
Arabidopsis transformation. Does (-31 +5) mean that I have to use last 31bp
of the 35S (354 bp, accs#x04879)? What +5 means? ATG +2bp?

Any general suggestions on creating of chimeric promoters?
Probably you can help me with some references?

I will appreciate any help,
Sincerely, Nikolai

Ph.D.c. Nikolai Scherbak
=D6rebro University
701 82 =D6rebro, SWEDEN

email: nikolai.scherbak at


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