[Arabidopsis] RE: polymorphism between Ws-2 and Col on chr1

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Wed Dec 6 14:01:56 EST 2006

Hi Xuewen,

Using Magnus Nordborg's high quality sequence data from ~500 genomic regions
across 96 Arabidopsis accessions we have computed all possible CAPS markers
relative to the Col-0 background and deposited these in our MarkerTracker
database, available here:


It seems there isn't anything in that region for the Ws-2 sequences
available (not that many) but there are several for Ler x Col-0, some of
which might work. 

Alternately, there are lots of Ws (at least Ws-0) ESTs available and you can
Blast2Seq ones from the required region against the ones from Col-0 and then
use our BlastDigester tool at 


to identify potential snip-SNPs to generate CAPS markers.

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>Hi, everyone
>Does anyone know any polymorphism between Ws-2 and Col in the region of
>(Nt sequence position) 3041125bp to 3224463bp on chr1? I am doing a
>mapping for the photo-morphogenesis mutant in Arabidopsis?
>Xuewen Wang
>School of biology
>Royal Holloway Uni of London
>UK TW20 OEx
>Email: x.w.wang At rhul.ac.uk
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