[Arabidopsis] Can overly expressed GFP by 35S be a secretory protein?

Hee-Jin Kim via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by hjkim At srrc.ars.usda.gov)
Thu Dec 14 18:13:26 EST 2006

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Does anybody know if overly expressed GFP with 35S can be found extracellular fraction of cells in addition to the typical localizations (cytoplasm and nucleoplasm) of GFP ?  One of my soluble protein (no  signal peptide), abundantly over-expressed mGFP5 fusion with 35S  was found in the cell wall fractions by Western blot although microscopic picture showed most portion of the fusion protein is in cytoplasm.  

I found a paper that 31% of overly expressed mGFP5-ER with 35S in BY2 was secreted into medium according to Western blot analyses (Liu et al., 2001, J Biotechnology 87: 1-16).  However,  I could not find so far if overly expressed GFP alone in plant cells can be secreted.   
Any comment how the levels of GFP expressions can affect localization would be appreciated.  


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