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Keiko Torii ktorii at u.washington.edu
Sun Jun 4 23:46:40 EST 2006

Technician/Graduate Research Assistant positions available:
Arabidopsis stomatal developmental and receptor-Kinase signal=20

Multiple positions for Technicians/Graduate Research Assistants (RA)=20
are available, as early as  Aug/Sep 2006, in the Keiko Torii lab at the=20=

University of Washington (http://faculty.washington.edu/ktorii) to=20
study receptor-kinase signal transduction, organ growth, and stomatal=20
development using Arabidopsis/rice as model systems.  Successful=20
applicants will join the active and collaborative research team to work=20=

with one of the following projects:

* Molecular cloning and developmental analyses of novel regulators of=20
asymmetric division and stomatal differentiation.
* Expression and functional studies of newly identified =91master=20
regulatory genes=92 of guard cell differentiation.
* Roles of protein degradation during Arabidopsis organ growth
* Interaction of Arabidopsis ERECTA-family receptor kinases with=20
candidate ligand molecules.
* Biochemical mechanisms of ERECTA-family receptor activation and=20

Candidates must have a Bachelor degree with GPA3.2 or higher and at=20
least one year of research experience in molecular biology,=20
biochemistry, genetics and/or genomics.  We are looking for motivated=20
candidates who start out projects as a full-time Technician for 6-12=20
months, and then apply to the graduate program and continue research as=20=

a graduate student in the Torii laboratory starting September 2007.  We=20=

also welcome those who want to apply for the graduate program directly=20=

to work with the Torii lab (after rotations).

Two graduate programs, University of Washington Biology Program and=20
University of Washington Molecular and Cellular Biology Program will be=20=

possible hosts. The following sites describe the application procedure=20=

for each graduate program:

For our recent publications see:
Shpak, E.D., et al. (2005) Science 309:290-293.
Woodward, C. et al. (2005) Plant Physiol 139:192-203.
Shpak, E.D., et al. (2004) Development 131:1491-1501.
Torii, K.U., et al. (2004) Int Rev Cytol 231:1-46.
Godiard, L., et al. (2003) Plant Journal 36: 353-356.
Shpak, E.D., et al. (2003) Plant Cell 15: 1095-1110.

Salary and benefit will be based on the University of Washington=20

University of Washington is located at North-East Seattle, surrounded=20
by Lake Washington, Puget Sound, and Olympic & Cascade Mountains. Known=20=

as "the Emerald City", Seattle is a recreation enthusiast's dream=20

Please e-mail/send a letter outlining your research interests, current=20=

CV, and a name and e-mail address of three referees to:

Dr. Keiko Torii, Associate Professor
Department of Biology
University of Washington,
Hitchcock 544
Seattle, WA 98195-5325
ktorii at u.washington.edu

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