[Arabidopsis] At1g01030 - numbering at seq. view of TAIR

md hussain md_hussain_2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 7 23:38:56 EST 2006

Dear Arab-net users,
  Good morning. I have a doubt to share with you. I found the gene sequence of At1g01030 (using seq viewer of www.arabidopsis.org).The sequence is from 11649 bp tp 13611 bp. In seq view, the direction of gene sequence i.e., TAC (ATG on complementary strand) starts at 13,611 and ends at 11,649.
  On complementary strand I checked the gene location again. The numbering again from 13, 611 bp to 11, 649 bp. My doubt here is how this numbering is possible on complementary strand? Because the complementary strand has 3 <--- 5 reading from right side to left side. That means  5’---------à3’ forward strand(left to right)
                                                                        3’<------------5’ complementary strand (right to left) 
  In this case numbering on complementary strand starts from 5’? Is it right? 
  I request dear users to please clarify my doubt.

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