[Arabidopsis] Post-doctoral position - Cellular Systems Biology of Plant Stress Response

Nicholas Provart nicholas.provart at utoronto.ca
Tue Jun 27 17:51:16 EST 2006

Post-doctoral Position

Cellular Systems Biology of Plant Stress Response - starting Fall 2006

A post-doctoral fellowship is available in the Department of Cell and
Systems Biology at the University of Toronto to study the cellular systems
biology of plant stress response. The proposed research aims to measure
these cell-type-specific responses in plants subjected to abiotic stress
conditions at the transcriptional and other levels, using a combination of
cell sorting and LCM followed by transcriptional profiling and other
profiling methods, and to use this information to elucidate the cellular
systems biology of stress response in Arabidopsis. By understanding the way
a plant responds as an interconnected system to various environmental
stresses (drought, heat, cold, salt, as well as to insects and pathogens) at
the cellular and whole plant levels, we aim to gain insight into adaptive
mechanisms, with implications for basic research and agriculture. The ideal
candidate should have strong molecular and plant biology experience.
Background in stress biology would be helpful.

In addition to wet-lab research, the Provart lab has developed several
web-based tools, available at http://bbc.botany.utoronto.ca, for exploring
Arabidopsis microarray data, including the Botany Array Resource for
performing electronic Northerns, Expression Angling, and generating
"electronic fluorescent protein" representations of microarray data. There
is also considerable in-house expertise in analyzing and interpreting
microarray and other high throughput data sets. 

The Department of Cell and Systems Biology at the University of Toronto has
one of the best equipped plant biology units in Canada, and is situated in
the heart of one of the most diverse and dynamic cities on the planet. The
University of Toronto ranks 24th in the world, according to the Institute of
Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Please send a CV, references, and a statement of research interests to

Nicholas Provart, PhD
Assistant Professor, Plant Bioinformatics
Director, Program in Proteomics and Bioinformatics
Rm 3051, Dept. of Cell and Systems Biology, Uni. Toronto
25 Willcocks St., Toronto, ON. M5S 3B2. CANADA

email. nicholas.provart at utoronto.ca
Tel. (+1) (416) 978-7141, Fax. (+1) (416) 978-5878
URL. http://www.botany.utoronto.ca/faculty/provart 
Arabidopsis Webtools. http://bbc.botany.utoronto.ca

I will be at the Arabidopsis meeting, and will be at our eFP Browser poster
by B. Vinegar, D. Winter and N. Provart during the poster session if you'd
like to talk in person about this position.

Best regards,


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