[Arabidopsis] PGEC symposium

Sarah Hake maizesh at nature.berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 6 11:50:43 EST 2006

Dear Plant Biology Community,
	The Plant Gene Expression Center will celebrate its 20 year 
anniversary with a symposium high-lighting plant molecular research. 
The meeting will take place at the Clark Kerr Campus in Berkeley June 
4-6, 2007. The meeting will begin with an evening reception on June 4 
and end at noon on June 6. Invited speakers are Joanne Chory, Xing 
Wang Deng, S. Dinesh-Kumar, Joe Ecker, Jenn Fletcher, David Jackson, 
Steve Kay, Sheila McCormick, David Ow, and Chris Somerville.
	Please bookmark the date in your calendars. Registration will 
be limited to 150 participants and begin December 1, 2007 through our 
website (http://www.pgec.usda.gov/).

Hope to see you there!

Barbara Baker, Jenn Fletcher, Sarah Hake, Frank Harmon, David Ow, 
Sheila McCormick, Peter Quail, Sakis Theologis and the other members 
of the Plant Gene Expression Center

Sarah Hake
Plant Gene Expression Center
800 Buchanan St. Albany, CA. 94710
510 559 5907
510 559 5678 (fax)

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