[Arabidopsis] Still time to register for the Stadler Symposium

Stacey, Gary staceyg at missouri.edu
Thu Sep 21 12:48:28 EST 2006

Dear colleagues,
There is still time to register for the Stadler Symposium "Genomics of Disease" to be held from Oct. 2-4, 2006 on the campus of the University of Missouri. The final program is posted below. Register on-line at   http://muconf.missouri.edu/stadler/.
Sunday October 01, 2006


6:30:     Bus departs Stoney Creek Inn for complimentary reception at the Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center.


9:00:     Bus departs Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center for the Stoney Creek Inn

Monday October 02, 2006


7:00     Registration


7:30:     Bus departs Stoney Creek Inn for Life Sciences Center


8:15:     Opening comments


Chairperson:  Jerry Taylor <taylorjerr at missouri.edu>

8:30:     Elaine Ostrander, National Human Genome Research Institute: "Genetic mapping of complex traits using features of population structure"

9:00:     Jan Leach, Colorado State University, Fort Collins: "Associating genomic variation of diverse rice varieties to understand disease resistance"

9:30:     Discussion




Chairperson:  Sherry Garcia <garcias at missouri.edu>

10:30:   Pamela Ronald, University of California-Davis: "Genomics of the rice defense signaling pathway"

11:00:   Edward Wakeland, Center for Immunology, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas: "Genetic interactions that mediate autoimmune disease"

11:30:   Discussion


12:00:   LUNCH - on your own



Chairperson:  Henry Nguyen <nguyenhenry at missouri.edu>

1:30:     John Quackenbush, Harvard Medical School: "Extracting meaning from high-dimensional 'omics data"  

2:00:     Leslie Lyons, University of California-Davis: "Unraveling the genetic mysteries of the cat: New discoveries in feline inherited diseases and traits"

2:30:     Discussion


3:00:     BREAK


Chairperson:   Eric Antoniou <antonioue at missouri.edu>

3:30:     Susan Lamont, Iowa State University: "Variation in chicken gene structure and expression associated with food-safety pathogen resistance"

4:00:     Brett Tyler, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute: "Functional genomics and bioinformatics of the soybean-phytophthora interaction"

4:30:     Discussion


DINNER - on your own

Tuesday October 03, 2006


Chairperson:  Karen Cone <conek at missouri.edu>

8:30:     Keith Murphy, Texas A&M University: "The genetics governing merle coat patterning in the domestic dog and association of merle with auditory and ophthalmologic abnormalities"

9:00:     Jonathan Jones, Sainsbury Laboratory: "Signaling networks in plant defense"

9:30:     Discussion




Chairperson:  Dongsheng Duan <duand at missouri.edu>

10:30:   Eric Hoffman, Children's National Medical Center, Washington DC: "AKT1 haplotypes control bone and muscle volumes, fasting serum glucose, and risk for metabolic syndrome"

11:00:   Herman Raadsma, University of Sydney: "Ovine disease resistance-integrating comparative and functional genomics approaches in a genome information-poor species"

11:30:   Discussion


12:00:   LUNCH - on your own



Chairperson:  Jan Miernyk <miernykj at missouri.edu>

1:30:     Roger Beachy, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center: "Finding the Achilles heel in virus replication and strategies that can limit disease in transgenic crops"

2:00:     Hans Cheng, USDA-ARS: "Integrating genomics to understand the Marek's disease virus-chicken host-pathogen interaction"

2:30:     Discussion


3:00:     BREAK


Chairperson:  Walter Gassmann <gassmannw at missouri.edu>

3:30:     Daniel Grenfell-Lee, Massachusetts General Hospital: "Comparative genomics of virulent Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates"

4:00:     Ulla Bonas, Institute of Genetics, Germany:  "Genetic dissection of the interaction between the plant pathogen Xanthomonas and its host plants"

4:30:     Discussion


6:30:     Bus departs Stoney Creek Inn for banquet at the Student Memorial Union

Wednesday October 04, 2006


Chairperson:  Mel Oliver <olivermj at missouri.edu>

8:30:     Steve O'Brien, National Cancer Institute:  "Landscape of comparative genomics in mammals"

9:00:     Sophien Kamoun, Ohio State University: "Reprogramming the host: The effector secretome of Phytophthora"

9:30:     Discussion




Chairperson:  Jerry Taylor <taylorjerr at missouri.edu>

10:30:   Regine Kahmann, MPI für terrestrische Mikrobiologie: "New insights into biotrophic development of Ustilago maydis"

11:00:   Margaret Mackinnon, Department of Pathology, Cambridge University: "Evolution of virulence in malaria"

11:30:   Discussion


12:00:   LUNCH - on your own



Chairperson:  Jim Schoelz <schoelzj at missouri.edu>

1:30:     Sally Leong, University of Wisconsin:  "The ins and outs of host recognition of Magnaporthe grisea"

2:00:     David Threadgill, University of North Carolina: "Epidermal growth factor receptor: pleiotropic effects associated with extensive genetic heterogeneity"

2:30:     Discussion


3:00:     BREAK


Chairperson:  Gary Stacey <staceyg at missouri.edu>

3:30:     Jane Glazebrook, University of Minnesota: "A high-performance custom microarray for phenotypic analysis of plant defense signaling mutants"

4:00:     Daniel Pomp, University of North Carolina: "Massively parallel eQTL analysis of complex traits in mice"




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