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Devi Annamalai via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by devi from life.uiuc.edu)
Tue Apr 24 20:10:36 EST 2007

Hi Kim,

  I saw ur following message on internet.

"We have recently identified a T-DNA insert 50bp to the 3'end of the
predicted polyA addition site of a gene of interest.  We are wondering if
anyone has found such an insert to disrupt the gene and also any
information on the site of transcription stop (primary transcript).  We
would like to know if transcription continues past the polyA addition site
and if so, how far.  Any advice on this would be appreciated, thanks,

Kim Johnson
Plant Cell Biology Research Centre
Botany, University of Melbourne

I am right now working with a T-DNA mutant which has insertion in 3'UTR. I
have same question.Can u please let me know ur expereince in the same
regard.I will really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot,

Devi :)

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