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  1. [Arabidopsis] Post-doctoral Research Scientist position in UK   smita kurup (RRes-Roth)
  2. [Arabidopsis] Re: Arab-gen Digest, Vol 32, Issue 12   Vigneault, Frédéric
  3. [Arabidopsis] post doc sought- patch clamping   Berkowitz, Gerald
  4. [Arabidopsis] Multiple Career Opportunities at Mendel Biotechnology - San Francisco Bay Area   Mendel Biotechnology
  5. [Arabidopsis] Plasmid with SFI1 site   Brenner, Eric
  6. [Arabidopsis] control aphid in growth chamber   y Chiang
  7. [Arabidopsis] Initial Invited Speakers Posted for Arabidopsis meeting- 2008   Joanna Friesner
  8. [Arabidopsis] Deadline 1/15/08: Funding opportunity for research and travel- U.S. applicants   Joanna Friesner
  9. [Arabidopsis] New Database Available   Brian D. Gregory
  10. [Arabidopsis] Re: Arab-gen Digest, Vol 32, Issue 12   Ji He
  11. [Arabidopsis] experience with affy 428 scanner???   Dave Horvath
  12. [Arabidopsis] Proteomics position at New Hampshire   Estelle Hrabak
  13. [Arabidopsis] Assistant/Associate Professor in Plant/Microbial Metabolic Engineering   John Jelesko
  14. [Arabidopsis] two-tailed t-test   yq Jiang
  15. [Arabidopsis] Post Doctoral Research Associate-Plant Molecular Genetics, Dover, DE   Venugopal Kalavacharla
  16. [Arabidopsis] Team or unit leader of RIKEN Plant Science Center   Yuji Kamiya
  17. [Arabidopsis] Postdoc position in Montpellier (France)   Laurent LAPLAZE
  18. [Arabidopsis] postdoc available; University of Georgia   Rodney Mauricio
  19. [Arabidopsis] has anybody used Sigma anti-flag M2 affinity gel   Niu, Yajie
  20. [Arabidopsis] Postdoctoral Research Associate position in Plant Molecular and Cell Biology   Reumann, Sigrun
  21. [Arabidopsis] two-tailed t-test   Masanao Sato
  22. [Arabidopsis] Postdoctoral Positions: Proteomics and metabolomics   Stacey, Gary
  23. [Arabidopsis] PCNA-GFP localization problem   Wojciech Strzalka
  24. [Arabidopsis] PhD Studentship available at McGill University   Tamara Western, Prof.
  25. [Arabidopsis] Postdoctoral position in evolution of flower development   Veronica
  26. [Arabidopsis] tenure track faculty position University of Massachusetts, Amherst   Elsbeth Walker
  27. [Arabidopsis] doctoral fellowships IMPRS Golm   Isabell Witt
  28. [Arabidopsis] A postdoc position in wood formation at UPSC, Sweden   hannele.tuominen from
  29. [Arabidopsis] EC 700 series power supply question   paul.silverman from
  30. [Arabidopsis] Plant Biology position at Kansas State University   ruthwelti from
  31. [Arabidopsis] Does anyone have Landsberg ecotype of Arabidopsis without erecta mutation?   sunxx114 from

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