[Arabidopsis] BAC Library construction

sanjiban chakrabarty via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by sanjiban.c from gmail.com)
Tue Sep 9 09:19:15 EST 2008

Dear Sir,

I am a PhD student working in India . I have been attempting to construct a
High Molecular Weight (HMW) DNA library using
BAC but have been completely unsuccessful at producing clones. I know the
problem is with ligating the HMW DNA to the vector. I have already checked
the ligase and my vector and neither of those appears to be the problem. The
problem seems to be restricted to the HMW DNA.I am also worried about the
ligation reaction as I have already tried with different molar ratios as
advised in many papers but couldn't get any better result. Can you please
help me in this regard. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Waiting for your kind reply,



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