[Arabidopsis] Sourcing FM4-64

Danielle M via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by danielle.marcos from gmail.com)
Mon Sep 22 16:39:31 EST 2008


I am looking into buying FM4-64 to stain cell membranes in living
Arabidopsis shoots.  I see that i can buy 1 mg of FM4-64 from
Invitrogen/Molecular Probes for about $400 (CAD.)  I've also found a
second supplier, Calbiochem, that sells FM4-64 under the name
SynaptoRed for $240 (CAD) for 5 mg.  The publications i've looked at
have all used FM4-64 from Molecular Probes.  I'm wondering if anyone
has used Calbiochem's SynaptoRed/FM4-64 in Arabidopsis, and if they
could comment on it's efficacy at staining cell membranes.

Thanks very much,


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