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Iris Meier via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by meier.56 from osu.edu)
Mon May 10 14:32:56 EST 2010

   An NSF-funded postdoctoral position is available October 1, 2010 to
   investigate the function of nuclear pore proteins during the plant
   cell cycle. We investigate proteins associated with the inner and
   outer surface of the Arabidopsis nuclear pore that are involved in the
   Ran cycle, nucleocytoplasmic trafficking, and sumoylation of nuclear
   proteins. Currently, we are most excited about newly discovered
   cell-cycle functions of these proteins away from the nuclear pore. For
   publications see:  Xu et al. (2008) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.
   105(47):18637-42; Zhao et al. (2008) Plant Cell 20, 1639-1651; Xu et
   al. (2007)  Curr Biol. 17: 1157-1163; Xu  et al. (2007) Plant Cell 19:
   1537-1548; Xu and Meier (2008) Trends in Plant Sci. 13, 1-50; and
   Brkljacic  and Meier (2009) Curr. Opin. Plant Biol 12, 87-95. More
   recent, unpublished findings and projects will be discussed with
   interviewing candidates.
   We are located at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. For
   more information on our scientific environment and our research
   facilities, please see: Department of Plant Cellular and Molecular
   Biology: http://www.biosci.ohio-state.edu/~plantbio/plantbio.html;
   Department of Molecular Genetics: http://www.osumolgen.org; and the
   Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Program:
   http://pmbb.osu.edu/index.php; Columbus is a safe and green urban
   center of one million with an international flavor and a pleasant
   level of sophistication.
   To apply, please send a CV, a brief statement of research experience
   and research interests, and the names of three references (including
   address, phone, and email) to meier.56 from osu.edu. Successful
   postdoctoral candidates will have a Ph.D., solid experience in either
   Arabidopsis molecular genetics or state-of-the-art cell biology, and a
   proven record of productivity, as evidenced by publications in
   internationally recognized journals. I will be attending ICAR 2010 in
   Yokohama and will be happy to interview selected candidates during the

   Iris Meier
   Professor, Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology
   Vice Chair, Molecular Genetics and Plant Cellular and Molecular
   The Ohio State University
   520 Aronoff Laboratory
   318 W 12th Avenue
   Columbus, OH 43210
   +1 614 292 8323
   meier.56 from osu.edu

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