[Arabidopsis] Help with dying plants!

Pablo JENIK via arab-gen%40net.bio.net (by pablojenik from aya.yale.edu)
Mon Jan 12 11:24:18 EST 2015

Dear colleagues,

Most of our Arabidopsis have been dying, and I was hoping the community
could help us figure out why, and a solution.

We have been growing our plants in Convirons, on MetroMix 360 and slow
release fertilizer for years without problems (other than thrips). Last
semester our plants started dying in a pattern I had not seen before. At
about two weeks or so the leaves start to turn yellow, and then the plants
turn white and dry and dead. The plants that survive to flowering will also
turn pale and wilt. It happens at random positions in a flat, but it
eventually spreads to all the plants in the flat. At first we thought it
was thrips, because we've had them in the past (although I had never seen
thrips give symptoms before flowering). But we have been on a rotation of
pesticides that had been working well. Then we changed to a new bag of
soil. Then we threw away all the plants, cleaned the Convirons well, and
left them empty for at least two-three weeks. No matter, our newest batch
of flats is showing the same symptoms!

Any help will be really appreciated. We are getting desperate, as research
is stuck without the plants.

Thanks to all,


Pablo Jenik
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Franklin and Marshall College
P.O. Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003
(717) 358-4431

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