[Arabidopsis] Please nominate to serve on NAASC- Nomination deadline Oct. 23, 2015

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Wed Oct 7 00:55:25 EST 2015


Annually, the North American Arabidopsis community elects two new
representatives to serve a 4 year volunteer term on
the North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC).

(1) In order to provide nominations (including self-nominations) you can
respond to the Survey Monkey email request sent on
Oct. 6th that you may have received. (This would have arrived as an email
message from SurveyMonkey and the sender is
jdfriesner from ucdavis.edu).

**You may also email nominee(s) directly to me**

(2) In order to participate in the election, your email address must be
included in the Survey Monkey email list for online voting.
In other words, to VOTE, you cannot do so via the arab-gen list-serve- you
can only do so via online voting at Survey Monkey.

(3) If you did not get an email from jdfriesner from ucdavis.edu via Survey
Monkey around Tuesday or Wednesday (Oct. 6-7)
then you are NOT currently on my email list.

(4) If you want to added to the election voting list (which is used only
for voting, and you can unsubscribe at any time), please
directly email me your address (to jdfriesner from ucdavis.edu) with the
subject line 'Add me to NAASC list'.
Or simply reply to this Arab-gen message.

**Only Arabidopsis researchers in North America can nominate, vote, and

Nomination deadline: Oct. 23.

We will hold the online election via SurveyMonkey in November,
approximately 1-14.
Those elected will be announced around Nov. 23.

Please consider serving on, or nominating your outstanding,
service-oriented colleagues to, NAASC (self-nominations are acceptable).

The two NAASC members elected this fall will serve on the organizing
committee for the next North American ICAR (2017), which is co-chaired by
NAASC members Rick Vierstra and Doris Wagner.

Essentially, NAASC consists of volunteer North American Arabidopsis
community members that serve as advisers and conveners, and provide
representation of the North American Arabidopsis community on issues such
as funding, conferences, resources, and new initiatives.

The newest NAASC initiative, which the newly elected members would
participate in, is the recently-funded NSF award to NAASC entitled RCN:
Arabidopsis Research and Training for the 21st century (ART-21).

A fuller description of NAASC and its activities is included when you
access the nomination or election surveys via Survey Monkey (or see below).

Thanks for your participation!
Joanna Friesner Ph.D.

NAASC Coordinator
Jdfriesner from ucdavis.edu

More information:

NAASC members are volunteer, elected, North American members of the
 Arabidopsis community that serve four year terms in support of
community efforts and resources and provide North American
representation to the international Arabidopsis community.

Only Arabidopsis researchers in North America can nominate, vote, and

For example, NAASC currently serves as the organizing body (with staff
support) of the Arabidopsis conference (ICAR) once every three years.
The next NAASC-organized ICAR is scheduled for 2017. The two NAASC
members from THIS election will serve on the organizing committee for
ICAR 2017 (co-chaired by Rick Vierstra and Doris Wagner of NAASC).

NAASC members interact with important members of funding agencies that
support plant biology research. They also are called upon to provide
input and leadership into new initiatives such as the recently-funded
NAASC Research Coordination Network: Arabidopsis Research and Training
for the 21st century (ART-21).

Other key activities that NAASC has taken a lead role in developing are the
International Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium (IAIC) and Arabidopsis
Information Portal (Araport).

Service on the NAASC is important and highly appreciated. Two members will
rotate off this fall and need
to be replaced; we first need candidate nominations from North American
community members and then there will be an online election of those
willing to serve on NAASC.

Current NAASC officers are (listed in order of most to least seniority):
(retiring) Nick Provart (University
of Toronto, Canada), (retiring) Jose Alonso (North Carolina State

-Serving until fall 2016: Keiko Torii (University of Washington), Siobhan
Brady (University of CA, Davis)
-Serving until fall 2017: Sarah Assmann (Penn State) and Erich Grotewold
(Ohio State University and ABRC)
-Serving until fall 2018: Rick Vierstra (University of Wisconsin,
Madison), Doris Wagner (University of Pennsylvania)

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