[Arabidopsis] UC Davis summer workshops- your chance to learn! Nine bioinformatics/data science summer workshops at UC Davis.

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Plant biologists- here are some great opportunities for students and postdocs (and faculty) to learn some highly useful computational skills in a short, 1 week, setting, at UC Davis (Davis, CA, where tons of plant biology research takes place)
- Cost for a week of workshop and dorms = about $US 750 total including breakfasts and dinner.
- A great chance to learn, for an inexpensive price… and bonus- possible networking opportunities with the local Plant biology people!
- Note housing registration closes April 26th (next week) so move fast.

Hello everyone,

as part of our Summer Institute in Data Intensive Biology
(http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/)__, we will be running nine week-long computational workshops from July 10 to July 17 on campus at UC Davis.

Week 1: July 10-15

* Genome Wide Association Study Workshop - http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/workshops.html#genome-wide-association-study-workshop - Tamer Mansour and Erica Scott
* Undergraduate Curriculum Hackathon - http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/workshops.html#undergraduate-curriculum-hackathon
* Introduction to Python - http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/workshops.html#introduction-to-python - Emily Dolson
* Reproducible research with R/Data Hackathon - http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/workshops.html#reproducible-research-with-r-data-hackathon - Chris Hamm
* Cloud Training Materials Development - http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/workshops.html#cloud-training-materials-development - Daniel Standage and Luiz Irber

Week 2: July 17-21

* Introduction to Transposon Insertion Sequencing Analysis (TNSeq/INSeq) - http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/workshops.html#introduction-to-transposon-insertion-sequencing-analysis - Mark Mandel
* Environmental Metagenomics - http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/workshops.html#environmental-metagenomics-dibsi-em - Harriet Alexander
* Non-model RNAseq, bring your own data - http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/workshops.html#non-model-rnaseq-bring-your-own-data - Tessa Pierce, Jane Khudyakov, and Lisa Cohen
* Introduction to R - http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/workshops.html#introduction-to-r - Michael Koontz

All workshops will take place at UC Davis; please see the venue information (http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/VENUE.html) for details.

Workshops may extend into the evening hours; please plan on devoting the entire time to the workshop. 
**Workshops are $350/wk.**

On-campus housing information is available for approximately $400/wk,
which includes breakfast and dinner. Housing registration currently closes April 26th.

Registration links for each workshop are under the workshop
description; housing is linked there as well, and must be booked
separately. Attendees of both weeks of workshops may book housing for
both weeks, and attendees of the two-week introductory bioinformatics
workshop, ANGUS (http://ivory.idyll.org/dibsi/ANGUS.html) may book
a full four weeks of housing.

For questions about registration, travel, invitation letters, or other
general topics, please contact dibsi.training from gmail.com.

For workshop specific questions,
contact the instructors (e-mail links are under each workshop).


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