Personal Stereos sound level limit

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Fri May 10 15:40:08 EST 1996

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> All these comments about nerve deafness and socialism are *extremely*
> interesting indeed, as are the comments about Billary. But may I enquire
> into what the hell they are doing in soc.culture.french, apart from the
> point of view of the vote of the parlement on the limitation of sound in
> personal stereos ?

Like many other posts on Usenet, they are there because many peoples'
mailers (including mine) don't show all the groups a thread is
cross-posted to.  In case this applies to you, dear reader, it is
posted to alt.sci.physics.acoustics, bionet.audiology, and soc.

In my opinion the *original* query was on-topic in all these groups.
I cross-posted it to soc.culture.french because I hoped that some
French person might be able to tell me a little more about the law
than I'd seen from a very brief report in the UK.  I am disappointed.

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