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Fri Dec 20 18:04:19 EST 1991

In article <smith.693177073 at plasma> smith at plasma.harvard.edu (Steven Smith)
>tjacobs at ncsa.uiuc.edu (Tom Jacobs) writes:
>>We are looking for a TRUE GRAYSCALE PRINTER

>  You can take postscript files of your images directly to a linotype system
>and print out at 2400dpi.  If this is something that you only intend to do
>for publication, then the costs are reasonable (about $5.00 @2400dpi).  We
>done this in the past with great results.
>Steven Smith

Has anyone tried out the new LaserWriter printers from Apple?? I saw some vague
info on them which suggested they might be useful for "notebook printouts" of
scanned gels. Our campus Apple demo-centre didn't have the printers in.

Chris_Upton at darwin.biochem.ualberta.ca

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