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Version 2 of the Independent JPEG Group's free JPEG image compression
software is now available.  This is largely a bug-fix release, but it
does have a couple of new features.

The C source code, documentation, and test files are available for anonymous
FTP from UUNET.UU.NET (, file graphics/jpeg/jpegsrc.v2.tar.Z.
The package will shortly be available on CompuServe, in the GRAPHSUPPORT
forum (GO PICS), library 10, as

The good news: we have improved the installation instructions considerably
and have fixed a number of portability problems; if you were unable to
figure out how to install version 1, this one should be easier.  Also, this
version supports Utah RLE and Truevision Targa image file formats.

The bad news: this version does NOT contain an improved color quantizer, so
GIF output is still not high quality.  That will have to wait for version 3.

The free JPEG code provides conversion between JPEG "JFIF" format and image
files in PBMPLUS PPM, Utah RLE, Truevision Targa, and GIF file formats.
(However, output to GIF format is not of high quality at present; ditto for
colormapped Targa and RLE formats.)  The core compression and decompression
modules can easily be reused in other programs, such as image viewers.
For example, the upcoming release of "xv" (John Bradley's viewer for
X Windows) will incorporate our software so that it can view JPEG files
directly.  The package is highly portable C code; we have tested it on many
machines ranging from PCs to Crays.

We are releasing this software for both noncommercial and commercial use.
Companies are welcome to use it as the basis for JPEG-related products.
We do not ask a royalty, although we do ask for an acknowledgement in
product literature (see the README file in the distribution for details).
We hope to make this software industrial-quality --- although, as with
anything that's free, we offer no warranty and accept no liability.

Please direct any questions about this software to jpeg-info at

                        Dr. Thomas G. Lane
                        organizer, Independent JPEG Group
Internet: tgl at        BITNET: at cmuccvma

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