Another new ARCHIE site (USA)

Rob Harper harper at
Thu Dec 5 06:59:20 EST 1991

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ANS is pleased to announce a new Archie server for the North American
Internet community. The ANS Archie server is located on an IBM RS/6000
model 530 named ARCHIE.ANS.NET.

Archie can be engaged in several ways:

	o Telnet:
	  telnet to, login as "archie" (no password).

	o Archie clients:
	  there are several client applications available at many
	  archive sites.  We have made most of them available by
	  anonymous FTP (, and strongly
	  encourage their use.

	o E-Mail:
	  send e-mail to archie at, with a list of archie
	  commands in the body of the message.  Text placed in the
	  "Subject:" field is processed like an archie command.

Please direct questions and problem reports to archie-admin at
Advanced Network & Services, Inc.    E-Mail: shiao at
100 Clearbrook Road                  Office: (914) 789-5340
Elmsford, NY 10523

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