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In article <91340.174815NETADM at DBNMEB1.BITNET> NETADM at DBNMEB1.BITNET (Peter
Hakenberg) writes:
>I think I have heard about an archive of But
>I cannot remember where and how to access?
>I am looking for software for Gel-Image-Proccessing.
>I Know Gelreader frm NCSA for the Mac.
>Is there a PC (or Sun Sparcstation) program?
>PLS forgive me if this is a frequently asked question (Is it?)
>thx pi (Peter Hakenberg)
I was pointed to IMAGE for the MAC, it's available for ftp from:

On the same track, but a different tack....

Is anyone using an alternative to POLAROID for taking those quick pics of gels.
Preferably something that can hook to a MAC.

This is something that would be shared by a couple of labs so cheap and nasty
should be avoided. Also computer-phobes should be able to get on with it.

Output.... what's the real resolution? and how to get hard copy?

Chris Upton

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