Summary of archivers, zoo for VMS

Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Wed Jul 17 10:00:52 EST 1991

smith at said:
> Any idea where these compressors can be found?  I would really like to get 
> ZOO V2.x for the VAX/VMS (or anything else for that matter), and other 
> programs for the Mac and PC would be really welcome.

ZOO for VMS (don't know which version offhand) is on the Gene-Server
in the VMS area for e-mail and anonymous FTP as zoo.uue. SEND VMS
ZOO.UUE should do it.

Lots of compressors/archivers for DOS are available there too.

The address is gene-server at  The same files should be
available from, the EMBL File Server, and FUNET.

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