protein structure and hydrophobicity

chiuf at ASPEN.UML.EDU chiuf at ASPEN.UML.EDU
Fri Aug 6 13:49:53 EST 1993

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>A software that can analyze the hydrophobicity and/or the surface energy of
>proteins is in need. Is there anyone knows how and where I could get this?
>Or is there anyone has the experience working with this?
>Thank you in advance!!
>Also, I'd like to chat with people who are interested in it.

There is a package available from Hitachi Software (PROSIS), that does
some hydrophobicity analysis. It is good, but far from perfect.
It runs under DOS.
There are more complete software packges for Mac.

Sure, I am interested in it !
If you find something really good for Windows or DOS, please let me know.

Wagner Fontes
Brazilian Center of Protein Sequencing
Biochemistry and Protein Chemistry Laboratory
University of Brasilia - Brasilia - Brazil

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