Raster3d under Irix 5.2

Tim Dudgeon dudgeon at azure.britbio.co.uk
Thu Jul 13 11:31:44 EST 1995

Advice wanted please...

I have been trying to compile Raster3d on our SGI's running Irix 5.2 and am
getting the following error:

% make install
        f77 -g -static -w1 -Olimit 2000 -c ribbon.f
        f77 -g -static -w1 -Olimit 2000 -c ribbon1.f
        f77 -g -static -w1 -Olimit 2000 -c modsubs.f
        f77 -O ribbon.o ribbon1.o modsubs.o -o ribbon
        cc -g -I/usr/local/include/ -DLIBIMAGE_SUPPORT -c local.c
        f77 -g -static -w1 -Olimit 2000 -Olimit 2000 render.f local.o  \
        -limage -o render
Object file format error in: /usr/lib/libimage.a(open.o): cannot mix Elf and
F objects.
*** Error code 1 (bu21)

The README file for v2.1 says it runs under Iris 4.05F. Does it run under 5.2,
or am I doing something stupid.

Thanks for your anticipated help.
Please reply by email. Will re-post answer.


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