GDE under Linux: problems installing

mball at mball at
Mon Jul 17 15:14:19 EST 1995

I am trying to get GDE up and running on a new Linux system.
I have both the 2.2 source files and the 2.1 linux binaries.
Unfortunately when I try to run the binaries I get the message
"gde: can't load library '//usr/openwin/lib/'"
I assume that the problem is in the "//" at the beginning
of the library reference but I don't know how to change this.
Presumably it is coded into the program. (Yes I looked the library
is there in my directory tree)
I have tried to rebuild the programs from the 2.2 source code
but make (and Install.csh) dies horribly.
I would appreciate clues on making this package work.
Either patches so that I can compile the 2.2 source or a corrected
set of binaries (I got mine from megasun at UMontreal).
My net news access is sporadic so I would appreciate in addition
to posting e-mail to:
 marty_ball at

Marty Ball
marty_ball at

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