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Mon Jul 6 13:33:51 EST 1998

Bernard Murray (bpmurray*STUFFER* wrote:
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: Bindewald <eckart at> wrote:

: > Hello!
: > 
: > I am trying to convert a protein pdb file into a list of its torsion
: > angles.
: > The program "babel" version 1.6 supports an output format "torlist". Who
: > has experience with that format? Where is it defined?
: > I expect "torlist" to be a list of torsion angles of a molecule. But the
: > results are differenct than the torsion anlges computed with procheck.
: > Who can help?
: > 
: > Thanks,
: >                 Eckart Bindewald

: I am sorry I am not familiar with this version of Babel but if you
: want more opinions on torsions...

: I am not sure what platform you are using but if you have access
: to a C compiler you can download, compile and run Andrew Martin's
: "torsions" program;


Thanks for the recommendation (I was going to do so myself, but you've
done it for me :-)

However, I would prefer that people download via my web page:

This just takes you through a simple registration process so I can
keep people informed of updates and keep a rough count of the number
of users.

Best wishes,

Andrew Martin

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