Sequence Analysis Windows 95?

Christopher Hopkins chopkins at
Wed Jul 8 08:51:05 EST 1998

Francois Jeanmougin wrote:

>         They doen't seem to...
> Supported Systems:
> · DecAlpha running Digital UNIX
> · Sun Microsystems SPARCstations (TM) running Solaris 2.5 or higher
> · Silicon Graphics computers including the SGI Indigo(TM) series running
> IRIX version 6.2 or higher
>         Probably we have to inform them that Linux is more and more
> installed in biology labs...

Unfortunately, in order to port Prophet to Linux we would have to have a
versionof the Win32 API as well as MFC for Linux. We are using a third-party
version of
this for the above mentioned platforms to port from Windows to Unix. As of now,

there has been no mention of releasing that product for Linux.

>         Also the status of this program is unclear (will it stay free,
> will it be delivered with sources, is it a new trap...).

As of now, Prophet is free of charge if downloading over the web or via the FTP
Sources will never be delivered as the source tree is roughly 150 meg in size.
;) As
far as I know, Prophet will remain free for the life of the NIH contract that
it is
currently maintained under.


Chris Hopkins
Prophet Developer
Website/FTPsite administrator

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