Recommendations for technical graphics packages

Bill Simons simons7 at
Sat Nov 28 01:39:54 EST 1998

Golden Software has just released a new version of their Grapher

Bill Simons
Golden Software, Inc.

On 24 Nov 1998 17:48:59 GMT, kreft at (Jan Kreft) wrote:

>Dear all,
>I am looking for a technical graphing package for Windows
>or Linux that combines excellent quality of the graphs with 
>sophisticated and customizable non-linear fitting procedures.
>I have downloaded so-called demo versions of Axum and SigmaPlot, 
>but they are both so crippled as to be useless for checking them out.
>So I hope someone has experience with these packages or others and
>can give recommendations.
>TIA, Jan.
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>Cardiff School of Biosciences		Fax   +44 (0)1222 874305
>Cardiff	University			E-mail Kreft at
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