Program for gel image analysis

Norman Iscove iscove at
Thu Apr 4 05:29:18 EST 2002

TinyQuant is a simple graphical display program running under
Windows 9x/NT/2K.  It was designed for analysis and limited
manipulation of images obtained by scanning of gels or
autoradiographs. It can import

   o 16 bit greyscale (ImageQuant /PhosphoImager .gel,
      PC or Mac TIFF format)

   o uncompressed 24 bit RGB colour TIFFs (PC format only)

and display either as a greyscale image. If a frame is drawn by
the user, the pixel values above background within the frame can
be summed and the value placed automatically on the Windows
clipboard. The program is also useful for generating finely
graduated 8 bit greyscale images from 24 bit RGB scans. These can
be adjusted to comprise a full range of pixel values between 0
and 255.  (18K)

Norman Iscove
The Ontario Cancer Institute
Toronto, Canada
iscove at


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