postdoc position available

Tom van Wezel twezel at
Mon Nov 4 09:48:19 EST 1996


is available at The Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam for 2 to 3
years. It is open for citizens or residents of countries of the European
Union (excluding the 
Netherlands)  to carry out research on 


In the past two years, we mapped several novel genes controlling
susceptibility to lung and intestinal tumors in the mouse. Most of these
genes appear to be different from the presently known oncogenes, tumor
suppressor genes, and mismatch repair genes and may be involved in
cellular signalling and regulation of differentiation. 
The aim of the project is to use molecular and biological approaches to
study the biological effects of these genes, their mutual interactions,
their effects on tumorigenesis in different tissues, as well as their
possible effect on the action of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.
Molecular and genetic techniques will be applied towards positional
cloning of selected members of this  group of genes and to study their
possible interactions with the oncogenes or their role in signalling
The Institute has a broad multidisciplinary basis for cancer research with
groups  carrying out advanced research in the fields of molecular
genetics, immunology, cellular biology, and signal transduction.

The candidates should possess a Ph.D. degree and have active interest in
molecular genetics and tumor biology. 
Qualified investigators interested in this position can contact Dr. P.
(tel. +31 20 5121992, fax +31 20 5122011, 

e-mail demant at

Applications should be sent to:
The Netherlands Cancer Institute,
Personnel Department, Plesmanlaan 121, 1066CX Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The letter should have the reference nr. 95-245.

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