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Sat Nov 9 13:49:52 EST 1996

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> i am interested in finging out more info. on this sysdrome.  i have it and i 
> am willing to give any details for any research.  i do a xxy chromosome.  of 
> course i am a male with some of the characteristics of klinefelter's sysdrome.
> e-mail:  pttc3 at

Hello, mi name is Raymundo Sanchez and I am interested in the
klinefelter's sysdrome, but unfurtunately, I am still studying my mayor at
the University,
so I think that I can´t do something to help you, but I would like to hear
more about this syndrome, the next semester I will begin my, " Diplomado "
in biotechnology, and I will take Genetic Ingeniering, I think that in the
class I will study, syndromes.

I am studying, my major ( carrear ) in Chemical Sciences, * I think that
this is  the tranduction from spanish to english *
I am at the ITESM, ( name of my shool ), here in Monterrey MEXICO,

I want to be excuse, because my english is not good, but I am doing, my
do it better!!!

I hope to hear notice from you soon !!
my e-mail:  
            al177663 at

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