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                CALL FOR PAPERS

International and Interdisciplinary Conference
       on Modeling and Using Context

           Rio de Janeiro (Brasil),
            February 4-6, 1997

(a postscript version of the CFP is available at
 www-laforia.ibp.fr and cdps.umcs.maine.edu/Context)


  The importance of the notion of context  is now widely
  acknowledged, as evidenced by the numerous workshops,
  symposia and seminars  on context held in 1995. The goal
  of this conference is to bring together researchers
  working on the notion of context from different  points
  of view and in a variety of disciplines.

  In formal approaches, several formalizations of context
  have been proposed.
  In Computational Linguistics, context is a central notion
  both to understand and produce text.
  Knowledge-based systems now are designed and developed to
  work collaborate with users in performing a  task. This
  shift in the expert-system paradigm implies that a system
  must deal with notions as cooperation, explanation and
  incremental knowledge acquisition.  Context  can thus play
  an important role. Cognitive Scientists have long  been
  debating on the general meaning and the significance of
  context in the environment. Cognitive systems engineering
  has always recognised that cognition does not exist without
  a context.

  The use of context across domains implies that each
  researcher may benefit of the experience of others. It is
  hoped that this exchange of ideas will provide some  answers
  to questions that remain open.


  Formalization of context, Modeling of context, Descriptions
  of context and analysis of influence on performance, Use of
  context in: applications, artificial intelligence, cognitive
  science, decision support systems, HCI, ITS,logic programming,
  management, natural language, psychology, etc.


  Papers received:              September 30th,  1996
  Author notification:          October 30th,    1996
  Final papers received:        December 1st,    1996
  Conference:                   February 4-6,    1997

  Participants will be selected on the basis of submitted
  papers (10 pages maximum) by three referees at least. 
  Papers must include in the first page: title, author's
  name(s), affiliation, complete mailing address, phone
  number, fax number,  e-mail, an abstract of 300 words
  maximum, and up to five keywords. Submissions must be sent to
  the Chairperson of the Programme Committee (at the address
  given below) by surface mail (i.e., paper in four copies), 
  postscript version uuencoded, Word5.1 document attached to
  an e-mail (via Eudora on Mac Intosh).

  The Proceedings of the conference will be published by an
  International Publisher.

  According to proposals and the number of participants interested,
  we may consider to have workshops and tutorials the two days
  prior the conference. Please, contact the Chairperson of the
  Programme Committee for more details and proposals.


  Chandrasekaran B. (Ohio State Univ., USA)
  Clancey W. (IRL, USA)
  Giunchiglia F. (IRST, Italy)
  Hayes P. (Beckman Institute, USA)
  Lenat D. (MCC, USA)
  Sowa J. (Binghamton Univ., USA)
  Steels L. (V.U.B., Belgium)

PROGRAMME COMMITTEE (*: to be confirmed)

  Abu-Hakima S. (NRC, Canada)
  Akman V. (Bilkent Univ., Turkey)
  Boy G. (Eurisco, France)
  Breuker J. (Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  Edmondson W. (Univ. of Birmingham, UK)
  Ejkova I. (Russian Acad. of Sciences, Russia)
  * Finin T. (Univ. of Maryland at Baltimore, USA)
  * Gasser L. (Univ. of Southern California, USA)
  Gilbert N.(Univ. of Surrey, UK)
  Guha R. (USA)
  * Hayes-Roth B. (Stanford Univ., USA)
  * Hollender M. (Univ. of Kassel, Germany)
  Hollnagel E. (OECD, Norway)
  Hovy E. (USC/ISI, USA)
  Humphreys P. (London School of Economics, UK)
  Kodratoff Y. (Univ. of Paris 11, France)
  Lefevre T. (AIT, Thailand)
  Maybury M.T. (Mitre Corp., USA)
  Mizoguchi R. (Osaka University, Japan)
  * Moore J. (Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA)
  Nardi B. (Apple Computer, USA)
  * Neches R. (USC/ISI, USA)
  Paris C. (Univ. of Brighton, UK)
  Paton R. (Univ. of Liverpool, UK)
  Pomerol J.-Ch. (Univ. Paris 6, France)
  Serafini L. (IRST, Italy)
  Suthers D. (Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA)
  Turner R. (Univ. of Maine, USA)
  * Van Hentenrick P. (Brown University, USA)
  Young R. (North Carolina State Univ., USA)
  * Zukerman I. (Monash Univ., Australia)


  Cavalcanti Marcos (Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
  Naveiro Ricardo (COPPE, Brasil)

Chair of the Programme Committee:

  Brezillon Patrick
  LAFORIA-IBP, Box 169,
  University Paris VI,
  4, Place Jussieu
  F-75252 PARIS Cedex 05
    Tel:  (33 1) 44 27 70 08
  Fax: (33 1) 44 27 70 00
  E-mail: brezil at laforia.ibp.fr

Chair of the Organization Committee:
  Cavalcanti Marcos
  CP 68507
  21945-970  Rio de Janeiro
  Tel/Fax: (+55 21) 590-8817
  Email : marcos at pep.ufrj.br

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