'Entomology Discussion Groups' - reorganized

Clark cthomp1 at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 19 12:40:52 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues,

'Entomology Discussion Groups' (www.entomon.net) has been reorganized and
simplified for easier navigation and faster download time.

The principal changes have been the elimination of the forums for each
insect family within an insect order. Messages that were posted in these
forums have been consolidated into one forum corresponding to their parent
insect order. For example: all messages in the old family forums
'Papilionidae', 'Danaiidae', 'Nymphalidae', etc. have been consolidated into
one forum: 'Lepidoptera', which has been placed in the new 'Insect Orders'
Conference, and so on.

Furthermore, other entomology subtopic forums have been consolidated into
one area called 'Applied Entomology Conference'. The 'General' Conference
remains about the same as it was.

This structure effectively removes one layer in the BSS hierarchy and thus
facilitates quicker navigation within the board. I think the original
hierarchy was too complicated for users and perhaps a little too ambitious.

As a result of this new design users who used the Subscription feature will
have to resubscribe to their favorite discussion forums (with the exception
of 'Open Topics', 'Announcements/News/Events', 'Employment', and 'Items for
Sale', which have not been affected).

(Subscription is a feature that lets register users periodically receive
email notification of new messages. As a registed user, you can choose to
select one or more forums to subscribe to. To subscribe, select user menu
icon from the Lobby or the Main Listing. Or, you can just click on the
subscribe link in the main listing.)

I hope this new design will help you use the BBS more efficiently. Please
post your questions, comments, or bug reports concerning the board in the
newly created 'Feedback' forum in the General Conference.

Here is the new site map:

General Conference
--Open Topics
--Employment - Jobs Offered
--Employment - Jobs Wanted
--Items For Sale/Wanted

Insect Orders Conference
--Other Insect Orders

Applied Entomology Conference
--Agricultural Entomology
--Forensic Entomology
--Insect Parisitology
--Vector Control

I am looking forward to reading your posts.

- Clark Thompson, Administrator

admin at entomon.net

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