[Biophysics] EMCCD camera for single molecule detection

dhitrys at qimaging.com dhitrys at qimaging.com
Tue Jul 11 20:46:48 EST 2006

A new electron-multiplying CCD camera has been announced that enables
single molecule detection and visualization. Designed for microscopic
biophysics work such as FRET, FRAP, and ratiometric imaging.

 Key features:

Greater than 90% Quantum Efficient from 500 - 650nm
EM mode and Standard (non-EM) mode
14 bits (16,364 grey levels)
FireWire Connection (industry's first) means no framegrabber needed
Breakthrough price makes it accessible to more researchers
Up to 300 fps with binning and ROI

More at http://www.QImaging.com

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