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>Is there a way to find out what promoters to use to get a gene expressed in a
>certain cell?  For example, if I have this killer experiment that requires
>that I express the human cDNA for amyloid protein in the excretory cell,
>how do I find out what promoter to use?   Is there a data base that can be
>queried with a cell type that will give back a list of promoters?  If not,
>is there any interest in creating one?

>Garth Patterson
>Mass. Gen. Hosp.
>patterson at


What you are asking about was discussed at the first Worm Community System 
(WCS) workshop held this past August at U. Illinois.  In particular, Curt 
Jamison at Community Systems Labs (CSL) is attempting to gather data on gene 
expression and correlate this with the cell lineage which is already in WCS.  
So it is in the works.  I know that some of the people at CSL monitor this 
newsgroup, so perhaps they can comment further as to where things stand.  
Also, CSL has submitted a WBG abstract describing the workshop and new 
directions WCS may be taking.

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