electronic WBG (again)

Leon Avery leon at EATWORMS.SWMED.EDU
Wed Sep 28 16:21:45 EST 1994

I've added a new item to our C elegans WWW server
(http://eatworms.swmed.edu/) allowing electronic submission of Gazette
abstracts.  Go to the "CGC Bibliography, Worm Breeder's Gazette, and
other literature" page, then select "Submit an abstract to the WBG".
This will bring up a page with a space where you can paste your
abstract, right from your word processor.  When you click "Preview",
it will show you what it would look like, and give you the opportunity
to actually submit it.

I'd like to invite people to give it a try.  There's a "Fake it"
option, so you can try it out without actually submitting anything.
Furthermore, this page can be used to submit text for old numbers of
the Gazette, or for the issue about to be mailed, so you may want to
do it for real.

Like e-mail submission (WBG-SUBMIT at ELEGANS.CBS.UMN.EDU), this
electronic submission is *in addition* to submission on paper.  The
main advantage over e-mail submission is that you get instructions and
feedback along the way.

NOTE: you must have a WWW browser that can handle FORMs.  The only
popular browser out there that doesn't is MacMosaic version 1.  If
you're still using MacMosaic 1, you'll need to get either MacMosaic 2
(from ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu) or MacWeb (from ftp.einet.net) to use this
feature.  (There's lots of other neat stuff on the Web that uses
FORMs, so it's worth doing anyway.)

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