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MacMorris, macmorri at bio.indiana.edu writes:
>We routinely store pellets of frozen E. coli (NA22) and use them to feed
>worms in liquid culture.  We grow a large fermenter batch of E. coli and
>then harvest and freeze the bacteria in weigh boats.  The greatest
>is that the apparatus and procedure we use for harvesting are not
>for maintaining sterility of the cultures.  Therefore, it is easy to
>introduce contaminating microbes to worm cultures, although the greater
>biomass is E.coli.  Again that is not such a problem, especially if the
>liquid culture is to be harvested for a large biochemical prep as opposed
>to subsequent culturing. 

Thanks to all those who replied regarding the use of frozen worms.  Four
people have replied and all agree that frozen E. coli may be used in
liquid nematode cultures.  

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