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Tue Apr 4 11:34:37 EST 1995

  A postdoctoral position has become available in my laboratory for a U.S. 
citizen arriving before June 30.  We are taking molecular genetic approaches to 
dissect the mechanisms controlling cell cycle arrest of oocytes prior to 
fertilization  (Genes and Development 8: 1935-1948).  Possible projects are: 1) 
characterization of new mutations that affect oocyte cell cycle arrest; 2) 
analysis of the roles of the POU-homeobox gene, ceh-18 and the pax-6-related 
gene, vab-3, in meiotic arrest 3) the function of the somatic gonad.  Interested 
individuals should send their cv and the phone numbers of three referees to 
David Greenstein, Department of Cell Biology, Vanderbilt University School of 
Medicine, Nashville, TN 37232.  E-mail is also convenient.
David Greenstein
David.Greenstein at

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